It’s Not all about the Nail. It’s all about the Woman

I’m sure you are familiar with this comedy piece that “it’s not about the nail” dramatizing the differences between men and women. It’s worth going to the link to see it again, since it is so short, makes the obvious point that the woman, indeed,  has a nail embedded in her forehead, and what she describes subjectively is obviously attributable to the objectively visible nail. The point of the video is totally weighted to conclude that women’s mental processes are not founded in reality but in subjective emotion. See it again!

   And, by the way: The woman’s way of knowing is the way we know God.The experience and consciousness of self (that the girl clearly has) is already a knowledge of God. The womans’s receptivity and sensitivity of going out of self is an action of the person imaging the divine Persons. She knows more than she can say. The man who controls reality by conceptualizing it and objectifying it, can’t get beyond the obvious nail. The self is less obvious, but more real. For depth on this, see Ratzinger’s “Behold the Pierced One,” thesis 1, 2 and 3, particularly 3 which is his “theological epistemology.”

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