The Way I Want To Be Toward God

Clearly: I am the dog and the little boy/girl is God (image).

These photos are courtesy of Fr. Luke Mata who whispered the name of a Russian photographer, who – a genius – had the eye to see and re-cognize God and himself in them. There aren’t words perceptive or sufficient to describe what we experience when we see these pictures. There’s much in the photo. From my experience, a woman will see more here than a man sees.

Everytime I see the riveted attention of a great  dog on the master, I pray for the same attitude in myself to God. It is an ikon that calls to me everytime I see it.  St. Josemaria Escriva saw it in the donkey and loved him. I love the dog watching. And, then, the greatness of the child image of the greatness of God.