In a 2019 Interview Between Pope Francis and Valentina Alazraki, correspondent for the Mexican television station Televisa, Francis pointed out that homosexually oriented persons have all the rights of persons, but not to gay marriage for which there are no rights. “Homosexual marriage”is a contradiction in terms ( oxymoron) since the totality of the person is not oriented to or capable of a spousal gift of self (see below).

“And I (pope Francis) repeated it: ‘They (homosexually oriented persons) are children of God and have a right to a family,’ and so on,” he told Alazraki.

The interview went on with a discussion about the media taking words out of context, and then Alazraki told the pope that people say he was a doctrinal conservative when he was in Argentina.

“I am a conservative,” he responded.

Alazraki pointed out that as archbishop of Buenos Aires, he opposed gay marriage.

“I’ve always defended doctrine. And it is curious about the law on homosexual marriage — it is a contradiction[1] to speak of homosexual marriage” he said, referring to his efforts to support an alternative to legalizing gay marriage that would still protect the rights of gay couples when it came to matters like inheritance, health care decisions and visitation when one is ill.

[1] oxymoron

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