Was the Love and Affirmation of Joseph and Our Lady Necessary For Christ’s Total Gift of Self on the Cross?

The point: There is no such thing as the formation of the human will, sentiment, emotion to give self entirely without the loving affirmation of another Point: read : “Patris Corde,” by Francis.  He makes the point

    Because the prototype of man (the Person of Jesus Christ) is eternally engendered by the Father – and we are made in His image and likeness, we – every man as the authentic humaniity of Christ – must be engendered by another. (in this case, Joseph).

     Therefore, Christ ,being really man – Ephesus (431) – after physical birth by the Virgin, must continue to be engendered by another human person in order to be who he is as person and be able to wamt to give Himself  to death..

And he said to them, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.(lk, 22, 15)

…And so, it is not enough to consider Christ as God  to explain His total self gift in an agonizing death. There would have to be another human cause forming the human enotions, feelings, sentiment – a lifetime of apprenticeship, human friendship,accompanied and shared work done with perfection —- remember the scene of “The Passion” were Christ jumps up on the table he had made in the presence of Our Lady – to show the solidity and sound craftsmanship of it —- The shadow of this developed humanity – the formation by the man Joseph of Nazareth appears here.

Ratzinger’s ontological  point: “We cannot accept ourselves by our own efforts alone. Of ourselves, we cannot come to terms with ourselves. Our I (self) becomes acceptable to us only if it has first become acceptable to another I, We can love ourselees only if we have first been loved by someone else (why the suicides among the teenage young –        double in some cases during the pandemic when t hey are not in school with the others? Hence: It is not enough to consider Christ as God to explain His total self gift in an agoniZing death. He needed a true and total humanity to be affirmed and loved by St. Joseph and Our Lady. Hence Francis sees Joseph as key to the formation of the whole Christ – God and man, fully God and fully man, not ½ God and ½ Man. Jo

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