Jesus Christ: Measure of all Measures, Love of All Loves

Guardini:  “Only the haunting question persists: Is Christ really so great that he can be the norm of all that is? Does the world really lose itself in him, or is the whole idea only another (magnificent)  example of the human tendency to make that which it reveres the measure of all things; another proof of the blindness inherent in all love? Yet the longer the intellect continues to grope, the clearer it becomes that the love of Christ is essentially different from every other love. And to the degree that the searching individual experiences such spiritual revolution, he gains an amplitude, a superiority, a synthesizing power of reason that no natural insight can match

                “With this, Christ’s figure transcends all measure, for there is no measure outside him. That is why he is Lord of all being, its Judge and the norm of its judgment. What a man does for or against Christ is what decides his sentence. This the point of view that contains all others, that of goodness and justice included…[1]

[1] Romano Guardini, “The Lord,” Regnery Chicago (1954) 460, 461.

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