Covid-19: Broadening Reason “The YES that Saves the World”


Crossroads wanted to share the experience a doctor who deals with cancer patients, fighting every day to protect them from the virus, and a smile towards the relatives who wait, “not out of politeness, but out of gratitude.” Another letter from the “front lines.”

Everyday, I am here in the ward, fighting to protect my cancer patients from Covid. Every day, some of us get sick and I never know how I will manage the next day. This week’s good news: a young colleague of mine is pregnant (finally, it is not about the virus, I told myself, life does not stop!). However, she will not be coming in for months: one less person…

Every day, I know that I could get sick, and if I said that I was not afraid, I would be lying. And yet, this fear does not determine me. It is not everything. And then there is the rest: my sick people, whom I adore and would never leave, and my colleagues, who make enormous sacrifices for me. Everyone, from the first to the last, is giving up something of themselves for the love of others.


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