The Virus and the End of Alienation

I’ve taken out three books that I want to open up and develop about the cause of the corona virus – and I don’t want to return them to their place without putting the idea down (but I’m going to bed now). The idea: The virus is a gift of God to extirpate the persistent illness of alienation that is infecting the world and has been for centuries. Alienation is the loss of the self – read “I,” the unique unrepeatable me who is not a number but who has name that only God knows. It is the sickness of the turn to the self and being trappped within the self. The thought – as far as I know – comes from Kierkegaard, Marx wanted to co-opt it, Walker Percy suffered from it profoundly and celebrated it in all his prose and healing himself by naming it (i.e. his novels). I have a hunch the Lord is making the turn impossible now by turning the world completely upside down and (as Tillich says, “shaking it”) making space for a new era where the “I” is relational to the peripheries.

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