The formation of other by the woman:

A person can flourish only when he is loved for himself. But one is loved for himself only when another has given up his life for him. But only God is capable of giving up His Life for another because that is who He is. But that is the meaning of priesthood: the divine “I” of the Son obeys to death with His human will, the Will of the Father. Thus the Son mediates between Himself and the Father with His humanity. This is the paradigm meaning of priesthood. Therefore, to engender another person as person, one must exercise the priesthood of Jesus Christ as self-gift. The person most capable of doing this is the woman who is inclined to live this with the child who is flesh of her flesh. She gives breast milk and covers with kisses: the symbol of devouring to become one flesh with. If she does this with her husband, they both become image of God as “We” and become capable of engendering and forming children as persons.

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