Hippolytus (235 A.D.) – Early Father of the Church – Commenting on the Divinization of Man by Christ:

“The saying, ‘Know yourself’ means therefore that we should recognize and acknowledge in ourselves the God who made us in his own image, for if we do this, we in turn will be recognized and acknowledged by our Maker. So let us not be at enmity with ourselves , but change our way of life without delay. For Christ who is God, exalted above all creation, has taken away man’s sin (by obeying in self-gift to death instead of choosing self [2 Cor. 5, 21]) and has refashioned our fallen nature. In the beginning God made man in his image and so gave proof of his love for us. If we obey his holy commands and learn to imitate his goodness [which consists in Who He (They) are as Persons. i.e. Relations [not substances as things in themselves] – again that is, as Self-Gift)], we shall be like him and he will honor us. God is not beggarly,and for the sake of his own glory he has given us a share in his divinity.”

Keep going out of self in love, service and prayer, and you will be living supernatural life as another Christ being being totally engaged in secular life. In fact, you increase “secularity” because you are creating it by mastering yourself moment by moment on the occasion of work and family life and becoming relational by making the gift of yourself. You are not outstanding but quite hidden. This was Nazareth and it is you.

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