Startling: “the New Being” – The Meaning of Christmas

The “New Creation” is that God became man so that man could become God. The “new Creation” is Jesus Christ, God-man. Every human act of Christ is the act of divine Person. This is what is new about Christmas. The man Adam was not God. The man Jesus is God. This is new. And continues to be new.

   Paul Tillich – thesis topic of Bp Robert Barron – wrote: “We want only to communicate to youo an experience we have had that here and there in the world and now and then in ourselves is a New Creation, usually hidden, but sometimes manifest, and certainly manifest in Jesus who is called the Christ.

               This is the way we should speak to all those outside the Christian realm, whether they are religious or secular. And we should not b e too worried about the Christian religion, about the state of the Churches, about membership and doctrines, about institutions and ministers, about sermons and sacraments. This is circumcision; and the lack of it, the secularization which today is spreading all over the world is uncircumcision. Both are nothing, of no importance, if the ultimate question is asked, the question of a New Reality. This question, however, is of infinite importance. We should worry more about it than about anything else between heaven and earth. The New Creation – this is our ultimate concern; this should be our infinite passion – the infinite passion of every human being.This matters; this alone matters ultimately. In comparison with it everything else, even religion, or non-religion, even Christianity or non-Christianity, matters very little – and ultimately nothing

               “And now let me boast for a moment about the fact that we are Christians and let us become fools by boasting as Paul called himself when he started basting. It is the greatness of Christianity that it can see how small it is. The importance of being a Christian is that we can stand the insight that it is of no importance. It is the spiritual power of religion that he who is religious can fearlessly look at the vanity of religion. It is the mature fruit  of Christian understanding to understand that Christianity, as such, is of no avail. This is boasting, not personal boasting, but boasting about the fact that  there is nothing to boast about, it is wisdom and maturity. Having as having not – this is the right attitude toward everything great and wonderful in life, even religion and Christianity. But it is not the right attitude toward  the New Creation. Toward it the right attitude is passionate and infinite longing.

               And we ask again:  What is this New Being? The New Being is not something that simply  takes the place of the Old Being. But it is a renewal of the Old which has been corrupted, distorted, split and almost destroyed. But not wholly destroyed. Salvation does not destroy creation; but it transforms the Old Creation into a New one. Therefore we can speak of the New in terms  of a re-newal:…”

               And I, blogger, want to step in here and say that the renewal does not destroy anything but gives it the power to go out of itself as the Three Persons of the Trinity are out of themselves and the old Adam is empowered by the New Adam to be entered into and enter into and so become “another Christ,” the last Adam. We do not cease to be man, but we become really man. Only Christ dynamized by a divine Person, the Son is what we now understand by man I would say that Paul Tillich’s point is that we stop talking objects like “religion” and doctrines and morality as the ultimates of transcendence and concentrate on the only significant reality which is the Subject “I Am” (Jahweh) who is God-man Who wants to live our life -lives and Who wants us to live His. I take this to be the meaning of Christmas.

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