John Coverdale in Rome, 2-X-2019

John Coverdale9:51 AM (2 hours ago)
to Brian, Coverdale, John, Jose, Luis, Orestes, Paul, me, William, Adhemar, Anton, Zek, Zek, Brian, Carl, Marcio, David, David, Dennis, Diego, Don, Donald, Edwin, Huascar, James, JB, Jeffrey, Joe, Juan, Karl, NJ), NJ), Lloyd, Michael, Patrick, Peter, Rafael, Rene, Richard, Terence, Terence, Tom, Darrell

Greetings from Rome on this great anniversary.   This morning we had a get together with the Father in Cavabianca.  He started stressing that today is an historic date in the life of the Work, of the Church, and even of the world, but that it is also an historical date in each of our personal lives.  God placed the Work in our hands.  The Work is God’s plan for each of us.We are the continuity of the  Work.  We should give many thanks for this.  Our Father stressed that we should always be grateful, but especially on the day like this.  We should have great hope and ,as our Father said, a love so intense that we are happy sacrificing ourselves for the Work.
One of the participants said that sometime ago, he couldn’t sleep and started calculating how many weeks to the 100 anniversary.  He concluded it was about 500 weeks.   He put together a whatsapp group of 500 people who agreed to say a prayer card for the Work every week for the next 500 weeks.
At  the end of the gt,   the father commented on his trip to the US and especially on the many large families he saw.  He stressed how many good people he met and the hope this should give us.
He also said we should be very happy, even when we encounter difficulties and have to go against the current.
In a few minutes I will make the prayer in the oratory wiht our Father’s casket.  I will pray for you and yours.

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