What’s Wrong With Determinism that Annihilates the “I” and Reason?

It’s the mindset of determinist philosophy behind Google, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, High Speed Processing which aims at replacing human consciousness. Consciousness would be replaced by super high-speed processing of digitized mathematical measurements i buts. This means in principle that person. freedom and consciousness are not understood. I offer one quick excursion or incursion into a litmus test that might be helpful: Kurt Goedel’s University of Vienna doctoral dissertation written in 1877 can be dumbed down to: “Whatever I say is false.” This must mean that that statement (“Whatever I say is false”) must be true, i.e. that whatever I say is false. And so to infinity. That means that there can be axioms of a system that is logically coherent and yet self-contradictory. It can be logically correct and yet false. Goedel’s point was that “Every logical system depends on proportions that cannot be proved within the sytem.” George Gilder writes: “Goedel’s argument was iconoclastic. But his method of proving it was providential. He devised a set of algorithms in which all the symbols and instructions were numbers. Thus in refuting the determinist philosophy behind the mathematics of Newton and the imperial logic of Hilbert, he opened the way to a new mathematics, the mathematics of information. From this demarche emerged a new industry of computers and communications currently led by Google and informed by a new mathematics of creativity and surprise.” Yet Google will fail. More from Gilder – next post.

“I don’t know that I know unless I know something.” That is, I don’t know knowing. This has been the classical epistemological refutation of Cartesian idealism since he attempted the “Cogito, ergo sum” which really means “I know knowing knowing,”

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