“For paradise we long. For perfection we were made…. This longing is the source of the hunger and dissatisfaction that mark our lives… This longing makes our loves and friendships possible, and so very unsatisfactory. The hunger is for… nothing less than perfect communion with the… one in whom all the fragments of our scattered existence come together… we must not stifle this longing. It is a holy dissatisfaction. Such dissatisfaction is not a sickness to be healed, but the seed of a promise to be fulfilled… The only death to to be afraid of is the death of settling for something less.

 Richard John Neuhaus quoted in Luis Tellez’ new book, “Integrating God+Love+Law into Your Life,” published [2017] by the Witherspoon Institute 16 Stocton St., Princeton, New Jersey 08540 p. 1.

Ultimate Reality – The Quid Divinum, The Natural Law, The Law of the Person, The Experience of the Person of Christ, The Sense of Divine Filiation, Contemplative-Mystical Life: All on the Occasion of the Experience of Going Out of Self, Transcending Self as Image of God.

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