there is no overarching  world formula. In fact, intelligibility comes  to me from the experience of myself mastering myself. I.e., if experience is the only legitimate access to reality, and I am the only reality I experience since I am the only reality I have control over in freedom, and therefore the only “being” I experience, then the intelligible reality is given to me only in the moments I master myself (and give myself), and can only be given to me moment by moment, and not in a global “go”. There can be no universal intelligibility when the central ontological core is Col. 1, 15:
   Ratzinger shows his disapproval of Rahner here [top of p. 170]. So you experience reality and exercise freedom only in the empirical here and now  – the secular moment of historical work. You become Christ in the secular here and now – this work here and now where you freely determine self to make the gift of self transforming this historical material or spiritual thing as gift to another.. I.e., you become Ipse Christus in the concrete here and now.

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