Humanae Vitae and “Gay Marriage”

Consequent on the truth of Humanae Vitae that the person and the act cannot be separated (as they are not separated in Christ) the giving of self is not “a compound of friendship and sensuality.  This would be a homosexual relation. There would not be in the enfleshed protagonists the complementarity of donation and reception. Dietrich Von Hildebrand says: “A compound of friendship and sensuality is repugnant. It would be a juxtaposition of heterogeneous elements, and the sensual sphere would in no way be sanctified by a discordant combination of this kind. Only in conjugal love, where man and woman are united in a unique communion, where they give themselves to one another in the deepest sense of the word, and belong to each other in an ultimate interpenetration of their souls, does this relation to the sensual sphere become in telligible.”  [Dietrich Von Hildebrand “Marriage, the Mystery of Faithful Love”  Sophia Institute Press (1984) 14-15.

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