Thoughts on the Trump Speech

I would pay more attention to the positive burst of the Trump speech than bemoan the replacement of Christian culture by Islam. Islam has not a resurrected Mohamed. Christianity and the Christian culture has a resurrected Christ. Who lives. Consider the force of the speech: It is pronounced in a Christian Catholic nation that defeated Communism without violence and triggered by a single homily of 20 minutes. No guns, no B 52’s, no tanks, no troops — nothing. The people chanted three words and it was over: “We Want God.” The homily of John Paul II was expected, but it was like putting match to tinder.

Trump was not expected to give a talk of this calibre, but he gave it, and I suspect it has been and will be even more damaging to the hidden powers that control the international culture. He drove right to the heart of JPII’s message of Christ, who and what is Poland as built on Christ and highlighting Poland’s geographical and historical centrality in Europe. And then in detail, the heroic fibre of the Poles in shutting down Jerusalem St. which the Nazis were using to move arms. The detail description of bloodshed at that spot in the resistance now against the Nazis, now against the Communists then and throughout the 1,000 years of Poland’s identity was exalted as the identity of a Christian culture and humanism. Lacking geographical borders, Poland survived because of a lived Catholic culture. It has faltered just as we have. But I feel something happened on Thursday.  I’m certain that all of Europe was chanting “Trump” not as a political figure, but as the secular embodiment of who they are and have to become. He took on an international and cultural dimension with this event.

The media and the dark magnets under the table that move the visible pieces, despise this and will wreck it, ignore it, mock it, crucify it, and if that fails, shoot it. They did it to JPII…



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